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When you need help with International Arms Traffic Regulations (ITAR), You need to contact ISO Pros. ITAR regulates the sale and import of U.S. Munitions List (USML) products and facilities relevant to the defense of the US. As per the U.S. State, all suppliers, exporters, and distributors of articles of protection, military supplies, or relevant technological data shall comply with ITAR. Many businesses also now allow their supply chain representatives to be consistent with ITAR.

For a corporation engaging in the production, selling or delivery of products or services protected by the U.S.M.L. or a product manufacturer of products protected by the U.S. Weapons List (USML), the stipulation or obligation to be ‘ITAR accredited (compliant)’ implies that the business must be licensed with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) of the State Department as required. The company itself certifies that when they accept to be a supplier to the USML prime exporter they operate in accordance with ITAR.

Under other terms, businesses have to file with the DDTC to learn all they need to be consistent with ITAR, and then confirm that they have the information.

How is my company affected by ITAR?

Therefore, it is important to note that it is not enough to register with the DDTC to market your goods or services in the ITAR industry; you must be careful not to break the ITAR enforcement regulations. The hope is that the ITAR legislation would inform and prepare you. Bear in mind that violations of ITR can result in criminal or civil penalties, excluding potential exports and/or incarceration, including:

  • Government fines up to $ 500,000 for each violation
  • Criminal fines up to $1,000,000 per breach, plus 10 years’ incarceration

What is important to remember is that while you can register your business with the DDTC to market your goods or services in the ITAR industry, you must not break ITAR enforcement regulations either. ITAR regulations require you to be informed and qualified. Violating the ITAR will result in criminal or civil fines, debarred as well as suspension from potential exports. This is why you need a company such as ISO Pros to assist you in helping your organization to become and stay compliant.

Take advantage of the opportunities

Your business has to take steps to take better advantage of ITAR legislation. Successful policy implementation would contribute to cost savings, expanded market incentives and the potential to stay consistent with the regulations. The following behavior at your business can be prudent:

  • Understand how the changes affect the supply chain and main contracts with your client. How much of what sales or supplies the business is impacted by the shift of authority from ITAR to EAR. What collection of regulations does much of the money, technologies and services now come under?
  • Understand the cost savings advantages of the amendments, including shortened lead times arising from the right to carry out re-exports and retransfers without express approval or under U.S. licenses. What are the implications of such rate cuts for ongoing contracts and future procurement opportunities?
  • Understand the significant cost reduction benefits, including the decreased logistical workload involved with licenses, handling second and third world citizens, and monitoring provisions of the ITAR Agreement;
  • Understand the economic advantages of the amendments, including a decrease in ITAR taint, and the corresponding potential to more cost-effectively market and import products and services.